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The smart portal for your teleradiology

The portal for elegantly managing your justifiable indications (TR-Portal for short) is the most important of our products.

It depicts the entire process of teleradiology with its functions. This includes creating, managing, and, most importantly, documenting justifiable indications and all relevant transfers. In addition, a full integration (end-to-end) to your RIS/KIS and PACS is possible.

In addition, the findings are digitally recorded via this portal. In addition to the language dictation system for the creation of the findings, the images of the corresponding justifying indication can also be viewed directly by means of the web-based DICOM viewer approved as a medical device.

Advantages that convince

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Automated documentation

By fully mapping your teleradiology workflow, it is possible to fully automate the legally required documentation. Therefore, all important events such as the time of approval, image input and the submission of the findings are automatically documented and archived.

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Dark Mode

We think about your health

Sometimes it's the little things that make a difference. With the so-called "dark mode" we want to ensure that the eyes of your MTRAs and radiologists are not additionally stressed in the mostly dark rooms.

All in one product

By seamlessly integrating a speech dictation system and a DICOM viewer approved as a medical device, you can map the entire process from the creation of the justifiable indication to the finished finding.

All in one product
From HIS to PACS and RIS, the TR-Portal can be integrated with all systems. Therefore, not only is the entire teleradiology process documented, but with the help of intelligent interfaces, important time can also be saved to transfer data between these systems. Therefore, the portal offers the possibility to transfer and document all data from one end to the other in a fully automated way.
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Paperless - Carefree

In today's age, rely on a highly available system including agile software to digitize your teleradiology process and make it paperless.

"Die Digitalisierung aller Lebens- und Arbeitsbereiche fordert ihren Tribut und verschafft zugleich ungeahnte Möglichkeiten" – Markus Baumanns

The most important advantages at a glance

  • Seamless integration with your RIS, KIS
  • , and PACS service planning for your teleradiology
  • Automatic billing for your hospitals
  • Automatic billing for your teleradiologists
  • Designed designs for time-efficient workflows
  • Automatic evaluation and statistics
  • 24/7 IT support for our systems
  • Continuous updates for your security
  • Carefree auditing through complete documentation
  • Document incidents directly to the associated case
  • Highly available systems with geographic redundancy
  • Fully automated pathway and constancy checks
  • Integrated DICOM viewer with medical device approval
  • Integrated voice dictation system with findings generation
  • RoeV and DSGVO compliance
  • Pay only for what you use (pay-per-use)

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