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Portal Overview

Smart management of justifiable indications

The intuitive design and development of the platform provides the ability to create and edit justifiable indications with ease. In addition, the findings can also be easily created and archived.

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Detailed customizable automated invoices

Every month or every quarter, an accurate billing for the cases provided must be prepared and extracted for each of your customers and each of your teleradiologists. We help you by giving you the opportunity to create these invoices and invoices automatically through the documented cases.

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Easy Audit

Easy Audit: no more annoying preparations for audits

The statutory audit is an issue in every teleradiology and can also be a complex topic depending on the systems used. With Gemedico, you have more security before and during the audit, because you can easily view and retrieve all cases with the crucial times and metadata. If desired, this data can also be exported for an audit.

Optimize costs with Gemedico

With Gemedico, you can increase productivity and work faster while minimizing manual processes and compliance risks. Save up to

95 %


44 %


27 %



An end-to-end solution consisting of individual building blocks

Gemedico provides a building block for business scenarios of two types, including on-demand services, evaluations, invoicing, and a platform for integrating third-party services.

  • Accessible via the telematics infrastructure and via VPN
  • Free interfaces to your RIS, KIS and other HL7 capable systems
  • Highly available systems with geographical redundancy and gigabit connection
  • Full automated documentation including route and consistency checks
  • Integrated DICOM viewer and dictation system for a smooth process
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